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"Eat meat!" That's the concept of BIG ONE's BURGER, 200g of Patty is made by blending 100% Yamagata Black Wagyu beef, "very coarsely ground" ground meat and medium coarsely ground meat. The essence of this burger is that it has the scent of Japanese beef, like eating a rough steak... eating a chunk of meat.

Original hamburger feature of CafeBIGONE is, "eat the meat!" Concept! It is 100% beef patty with a texture and rich taste as if you are eating steak meat. Yamagata Kuroge Wagyu is finished with a unique blend of "Goku" coarse ground beef and medium ground Wagyu ground beef to give the texture of meat. The essential bacon for a burger is a completely original handmade smoked bacon ! It is salted for 2 days, desalted for 2 days, then cooked at low temperature and smoked. Excitingly slice it in pieces! In addition, the buns are made with 100% rye bread, with the aim of having a rich taste and a chewy texture that is not defeated by the gravy and that it will not be messed up by the gravy. The particular taste of the sauce to be combined is the "radish sauce" of "wasabi" that neutralizes the rich taste of meat and bacon so that it will not become persistent!

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