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​The Real bikes cafe Club BIGONE

​About the store called Club BIG ONE.

​September 2008, Club BIGONE opened in Yotsukaido City, Chiba Prefecture. Opened as a bikers cafe where you can eat authentic Indian curry and selected burgers.

With The Real BIKERS Cafe as the concept of the store, we are aiming to be a store where motorcycle riders can easily drop in and meet friends and enjoy talking with the motorcycle.

In addition, with NO BIKE NO LIFE as the catchphrase, we also hold events such as touring with many bikers.

It is featured in many magazines and TV media as a store where many motorcycle riders gather from all over the Kanto region.

In March 2013, the activity was suspended. The charging period begins as many motorcycle riders await the revival of the legendary Bikers Cafe.

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​Club BIGONE 「風」

​Club BIGONE Otaki Wind Village Store

In April 2015, after three years of charging, it revived as Cafe Club BIG ONE in Otaki-cho, Isumi-gun, Chiba.

Otaki is a city with abundant nature known for the Yoro Valley and Otaki Castle. It opens on the highest mountain in Otaki Town.

Around, houses were also far away even without the city of lights "unexplored feeling" full of location. The quiet time to forget the hustle and bustle of the city and the pleasant mountain breeze that sways the mountains that can be obtained because of such nature.

Cafe Club BIGONE has newly opened as a cafe with a campsite in the "Wind Village" where you can enjoy a nice and comfortable breeze from the rich mountains and forests.

From the city center,
you can access it by " Aqua Line" or "Ken-Odo" in just over an hour! An oasis in the metropolitan area that is familiar to such satoyama.
It is called a "sacred place" among motorcycle riders, and the Kanto area is not so much, but nowadays, many motorcycles from all over Japan come to play while camping, aiming for BIGONE.

We propose a new concept cafe style called "Touring Cafe" for bikers and bicycle riders, and "Driving Cafe" for families and couples.

On a vast site of over 18,000 square meters, a campsite and a cottage are attached, and goats and ducks are grazing. The blue sky, the vibrant green mountains of Otaki, and the windy village with a photogenic space offer you healing. Please feel free to drop by when you come near us.

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​Club BIGONE 山の駅 「喜楽里」

​Club BIGONE kitchen car


BIG ONE hamburger to your town!

BIGONE's kitchen car! We will participate in events and go to festivals and festivals!

The vehicle is a 3 ton car wing car, so if you open the wing, the kitchen and reception will come out immediately! A big one kitchen car that can bake authentic burgers!

A hamburger kitchen car that can bake about 20 hamburgers at one time can also provide drinks and more!

We are looking forward to your order at various events and festivals! Also, if the number of people is equal to the specified number, it is possible to provide meals with MC's touring. Please feel free to contact us please.

Event festival,
Orders such as touring catering services
043-308-8012 To Doka and Okada

Please contact us about the kitchen car~

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​Club BIGONE のメディア紹介

​Club BIG ONE media introduction

​We have interviewed many magazines, specialized magazines, and TV media so far. I would like to introduce some of the media who have been interviewed since I moved to Otaki. You can also watch TV media on YouTube. I hope you will take a look when you have time.


​Club BIGONE's activities through motorcycles

The Santa rider?

It is a "social contribution activity" that BIGONE has been riding since 2009. “We can do anything even with a bike ride!” Under such a shout, we visited a child welfare facility in Chiba prefecture to deliver presents in the form of Santa and made bonds with children.

What is Orange Rider?

​Chiba Prefecture's orange ribbon campaign activity started in 2015. We contribute to society by carrying out promotional campaigns using motorcycles and visiting facilities. Along the way of visiting child welfare facilities in Chiba prefecture, we are conducting publicity and dissemination activities with the aim of broadly recognizing the child abuse prevention campaign.



​Club BIG ONE is a secret word that many bikers have used as a catchphrase since its establishment. It is also a brand of BIGONE apparel and goods. In recent years, T-shirts and jackets have been sold under the same brand and are loved by many fans.

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