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Santariders & OrengeRider 


Club BIGONE's social contribution activities through motorcycle riding, which has been ongoing since 2009, are: "We can do this if we have a little feeling for motorcycle riding!" Bikers gathering at stores that agree with BIGONE's screams. Started by us. For this activity, we visited a "child care facility" in the form of Santa Claus, who lives apart from her parents and relatives for various reasons in Chiba prefecture, in the form of Santa Claus, and put together clothes and toys brought together, and donated by the participants. We will collect money and deliver it to this facility where the Christmas party will be held this day. However, instead of a costume run running around as Santa, friends with a “clear purpose” gathered and actually visited the facility and spent many years communicating with the children until now. In 2012, this activity was highly praised by the people of Isumi City, and Santa Rider was in charge of the first prosperous run at the first ceremony to commemorate the opening of a new street in front of Ohara Station. After that, we decided to take charge of the public relations activities of the "Child Abuse Prevention Campaign" with more bikers as "Orange Rider Activities" at the request of Chiba Prefecture and Chiba City. In the future, we will continue to be so happy with a little feeling! I will not forget that very first feeling, and aim for a small hill with that facility with a clear reason to run without changing the purpose of this activity. When you see Santa Riders and Orange Rider, I hope you will keep an eye on them with warm eyes.


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